The Mills

A bespoke educational experience for each pupil,
with a commitment to academic excellence:
stretching potential and realising ambitions
since 1994.

Our history

our mission

On the first of September 1994, Mrs. Mills – joined one month later by Miss Tricia – welcomed seven little children on their first day at “The Mills English School” which, at the time, consisted in a single classroom in the centre of Udine.

The following year saw the arrival of our first assistant – Miss Lucy, from Ireland – as there were now eighteen girls and boys in the happy little group.

In 1996, the overwhelming need to find vaster spaces led Mrs. Mills to move the school into much bigger premises. That was also the year that saw our first primary class – and a total of 36 children.
Since then, our school has continued to grow and develop constantly, so that at present we provide the best education for well over 200 students, ranging between the ages of 2 (Infants) and 14 (YR.9).

Academic excellence and a tailored bilingual curriculum, outstanding ethical guidance and extra-curricular activities of an extraordinary quality are the cornerstones of The Mills, where every pupil is nurtured and encouraged to fulfil his potential.

Our aim – to stretch the most able and support the least confident – informs and guides all that we do. We are committed to preparing all pupils to leave The Mills ready to engage with and contribute to the world beyond school with a clear idea of who they are and what they believe.



The Mills School carries a generous level of committed and professional staff.

Everyone who visits The Mills comments on the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. There’s a real sense of purpose and a passion for learning, but pupils and staff enjoy one another’s company. This is a school where everyone counts.

All members of the teaching staff are fully qualified teachers, who are dedicated, enthusiastic and oftentimes inspiring educators.

Our specialist teachers offer expertise in all subjects, working with our students in key areas such as languages, mathematics and the sciences, but also technology, art, music and drama, to continue to pursue multilingual excellence for every pupil.

Our staff turnover is very low. As a consequence, we believe our bank of in-house experience is correspondingly higher than is likely to be found elsewhere.



The Mills school prides itself with its family atmosphere, so that formal rules are kept to an absolute minimum, but pupils are made well aware of the high standards of behaviour that are expected from them. Even the youngest children in the school are encouraged to see themselves as pleasant, well mannered individuals, rensponsible for their own behaviour.
School rules and expectations do not stop at the school gates. They also apply on all school trips and outings. In addition the school expects its pupils to remember that, when not in school, their behaviour in the community is taken as a reflection of the school. Ethics have to come from within and when school and its internal rules are left behind, the adult with that drive and self-discipline will flourish.