The Curriculum

..just as in a real mill!
Children enter “rough” like wheat
and corn and exit refined…like flour!

Nursery + Pre-Primary


The Mills English School welcomes into the Infants class children who have turned 2. This is where the adventure of learning in a school setting starts, in the happy and safe environment which our dedicated staff provides, also introducing the English language – in a very natural way – at this very young age.
The pre-primary department -.Nursery and Reception classes – offers the ideal launch pad for our little ones. From the age of three the children can attend lessons in a supportive climate of mutual respect and enthusiasm for learning. The curriculum is rich in variety, engaging for all, whilst numerous essential opportunities for creative and explorative play are available throughout the day.
Being part of The Mills family, sharing play times and stimulating facilities, children move easily along to Year 1. Here the preparatory curriculum broadens, allowing gentle but more formal lessons in English and Mathematics, according to the British National curriculum. Each day there is time for individual reading with an adult and a time to hear a story read aloud, establishing a love for literature, which we believe is the bedrock of learning.



The Mills Primary School is a truly bilingual school. As from Year 2 – Class one in the Italian schooling system – we follow BOTH the British National Curriculum AND the corresponding Italian one, each carefully structured – but NEVER MIXED! – thus educating our youngsters to follow different styles of teaching with great ease.
Our aim is to develop within every child the ambition to exceed expectations. The range of subjects, activities and enrichment offered in these preparatory years instils the belief that success is attainable. By weaving a unique curriculum of traditional Italian academic praxis with the exciting “hands on” British style education, pupils at The Mills are guided and encouraged to be active participants in their academic and social progress.

Junior High


In Junior High, students develop the confidence to become individual young people and interact with the outside world. Standards and expectations are high – but so too is the level of teaching and support.
The Mills offers a varied and balanced curriculum, including the introduction of the third language, German. As you would expect, the curriculum consists of the core curriculum subjects English, Italian, mathematics and science and the foundation subjects of art, design + technology, German, music, drama, publich speaking, social studies, physical education and religious education – or either of its optional substitutes Chinese or journalism.
At this stage, some subjects are taught in Italian, others in English and a couple in German. Our aim is to produce mature, inquiring youngsters with a wide range of interests, ready to make the most of every opportunity put before them, and prepare them for the challenges that Senior High School will bring.

Excursions &


While Nursery and Primary School enjoy several outdoor excursions as well as outings to museum + cultural events, for all the senior students, The Mills organizes art trips, theatre visits, history + science trips, a two week exchange with a school in Gerrnany and the exciting end-of-year journey to England, Scotland or Ireland.
Our pupils are encouraged to seize the opportunity to learn through travel: the emphasis is on exercising independence within a supportive community, giving every student the chance to develop as a responsible individual.

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Introductory and advancement courses

english – german – italian

“The Mills” School offers newcomers a personalized access programme to meet the student’s linguistic needs: English or German, or even Italian for students of other nationalities. Lessons are usually taught one-to-one or in mini groups, for the period of time necessary for each student to feel comfortable with the new language.
“The Mills” alumni can benefit from our advanced English and German courses to prepare for higher-level exams such as Cambridge CAE (Advanced) and CPE (Proficiency), rather than higher levels of the German language certification Goethe Zertifikat.



The Mills academic programme of studies includes preparation to sit for Cambridge exams as from Year 4, starting with Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE) at the three levels Starters, Movers and Flyers.

Our senior students – in Years 7, 8 and 9 – sit respectively for Cambridge KET, PET and FCE exams, where they are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

All Cambridge exams cover the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Pupil’s attitudes to learning are outstanding. Their positive work ethic, enthusiasm for learning, excellent behaviour and sustained concentration contribute to their progress and success.

The Mills is an evergrowing institution, where standards are always high and academic progress is highly valued. We aim at providing a multilingual High School, where one of the assets will be qualifications such as CAE (Certificate Advanced English) as proof of high-level achievement in learning English and CPE (Certificate Proficiency English) proving mastery of English ar an exceptional level, adeguate to study on a postgraduate or PhD programme.