No principle is better understood than when facts question it.

Our humanity, our coexistence capacity, the continuous search for justice, peace, all these are fundamental values that must always be cared for and defended, like a fragile plant that has just sprung up in the garden.

Today more than ever, as a school and as a society, history challenges us to reflect on the vital principles declared by the Constitution, in particular “Italy rejects war as an instrument of offense to the freedom of other people and as a solution of international disputes…”.

These words, unanimously elaborated after the terrible experience of the Second World War, have helped to rebuild Italy and are even more vivid today, as a warning and encouragement. Today we all need to be attentive and aware, to reflect on reality from the contemporary ethical point of view, to express ourselves with gestures of solidarity towards populations that suffer due to wars.

We have decided to promote a collection of medicines in collaboration with the Protezione Civile and the Ukraine-Friuli associations:

1 – Bandages, gauze, roll plasters, disinfectants.
2 – Pain relievers and antipyretics such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Ketadol.
3 – Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories
4 – Diapers of all kinds
5 – Sanitizers
6 – Skin protection creams / ointments

Offers can be brought to School by the students and placed in the large basket that will be placed in the atrium. It is important that the packages are intact and not expired.