At this time of worldwide medical emergency and great uncertainty considering the future, especially regarding the re-opening of schools and the conclusion of the schoolyear, we are happy to say that, right from the beginning of the pandemic, all of our teachers took action to mantain constant contact with their students, by initially sending homework and recorded lessons online for all classes, from Nursery school, through Primary and the Middle school. As from the 16th of March, we activated lessons in live streaming, starting with the Middle school, and extending day by day to all the other classes, for a maximum of six hours daily, covering both the English and the Italian programmes and, in the case of Middle school, covering each and every school subject. We’re very proud of the widespread positive feedback we’ve received, and we’re thankful for the support granted by our families. We’d like to thank all of the school staff for the enormous effort and willingness displayed in changing the approach to their work method. We are certain that we’ll emerge from this situation stronger and ready to pick up the thread of our lives!