Today, 23rd November, our Year 2 and Year 3 classes were at Palamostre theater in Udine to attend to the show entitled “Cuore” (heart).

Cuore was about the story of Nina, a little girl who lives in a house near the woods. No one can enter the woods because the Hundred Eyes Fairy and the Ogre live there. Nina enters the woods nonetheless, she goes in and out more than once, and every time the forest comes to life and transforms itself. In the end, Nina’s heart will release the colors that will give new life to the forest.

It was a beautiful show, staged using small marvels of scenographic technology. The heart of children and the heart of human beings was at the center of this search for images, music and words: a story that was the heart of the show and that created immaginary threads between the stage and the audience, like arteries for real emotions!