Starting from today, 13th January, all our primary school children will start a  weekly project in order to enhance and deepen their Information Technology programme. The objective is not only to further improve our educational offer but also to allow the Year 6 students to take on the “Presentation” exam, which is one of the seven ICDL Full Standard modules (Computer Essentials, Word processing, Spreasheet, Online Essentials, IT Security, Online Collaboration, Presentation).

ICDL is the new abbreviation which indicates the International Certification of Digital Literacy. The ICDL certifications have an international diffusion and are defined according to the same standard methodology. They are aimed at all those who have an interest in demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in an incontrovertible way.

But that’s not all! From the 14th of January our Junior High School students will also be able to deepen their computer knowledge, thanks to a new afternoon class built specifically for them. The goal is to continue their training to obtain the ICDL Full Standard certification!

More Information Technology for everyone!!