On the 30th of June the most difficult and anomalous school year of our 26 years long history has ended. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to completely revolutionize the way we work and teach. But it has also allowed us to highlight, once again, the qualities for which The Mills has been recognized as a synonym of experience and quality in our city for more than a quarter of a century.

The speed and the ability to adapt to online schooling, active all mornings at full capacity for all classes from early March. The professionalism shown by all the teachers in being able to complete their program. The activation of online activities like “music at home”, “storytelling”, religion, Chinese and Sports Day. A widespread offer and constant support to children and families, even during the afternoons.

All this in an attempt to keep alive, albeit at a distance, that almost familiar bond that has always existed between us and most of our parents and students. The positive feedback received in these months are the proof of this, so we would like to thank anyone who has decided to spend a few minutes of their time to give us the strength to continue to do our best and to offer the best.

As proof of all this, The Mills not only decided to reduce the fees for everybody from last March, but has also returned part of the annual payments made in September 2019. We are also offering our July Summer School completely free for all our customers.

We are now working to be ready in September, with great changes and innovations, eager to welcome our students again and continue together that path so abruptly interrupted four months ago. We wish a wonderful Summer to everyone, we all really need it. See you soon!